Don't Risk a Creosote-Caused Fire in Your Home

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Enjoy Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

Keep it clean with Mid-Maine Chimney Sweep

There's nothing quite like a real, wood-burning fire on a cold, winter day. However, a dirty chimney can prevent you from using your fireplace. That's why the product Mid-Maine Chimney Sweep was created. With our product, you can turn chimney cleaning into a simple DIY project.

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Safer Fires

Get rid of dangerous creosote with two weekly uses.

Burn Cleaner Fires

Watch your fires burn cleaner.

Lower Home Maintenance

Spend less time and money cleaning your chimney.

Our product provides so many benefits

The more often you use your wood-burning fireplace, the more a chemical called creosote will build up in your chimney. The more of this chemical that builds up, the less safe it is to have a fire. Our product will make your fireplace:



Easier to maintain

Don't risk burning a fire with a dirty chimney. Simply place our product on your fire twice a week and watch the chemicals soak up the creosote buildup in your chimney.

Such a simple way to keep your fires burning safely

Our local company has been making Mid-Maine Chimney Sweep since 1996. We're proud to make and sell our product in the Abbot, ME area. You can also order Mid-Maine Chimney Sweep online through our website. This is the only location where you can get our large, 10LB container.

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